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[发表时间]:2019-10-24 [来源]:小学高端英语教育项目组

近日,来自澳大利亚的外语教学课程顾问 Marcella 女士与我校外教专家团队就小学高端英语课程进行了深入的研讨。

夜夜橾天天橾在线视频Recently, Ms. Marcella, the curriculum specialist in English teaching from Australia, has conducted an in-depth discussion about our Elementary High-end English Program with our group of professional foreign teachers.



夜夜橾天天橾在线视频At the beginning of the meeting, we reviewed the first few weeks of the first-grade high-end English course. One of our native English-speaking foreign teachers, with over ten-year teaching experience in primary school, mentioned that since most students already have some pre-existing English language skills, the development and implementation of the course went smoother than expected, especially that of the three subject integration course in the “ 5 English Language Classes and 3 Applied English Classes ”. Students have shown their great passion and excitement in learning music, sports, science, and art in a pure foreign language environment. Their concentration and participation during the lessons exceeded the teachers’ expectations. Foreign teachers also foresaw that it would lay a solid foundation for students to learn more professional subject knowledge and skills in English for the next semester.

夜夜橾天天橾在线视频在谈到学生使用外教讲义与练习册的情况时,课程顾问对外教专家统一存放教学资源,使用时再进行分发的方法表示认同。 顾问说道,因为儿童正处在从幼儿园过渡到小学一年级的阶段,随着课程增多和上课模式的巨大变化,他们经常会出现忘带或混带教学资源的情况,导致教师的正常教学秩序与学生渐进性的学习模式受到影响。而统一存放和分发使用教学资源的做法,不仅可以避免这种情况的发生,还有利于学生培养管理收纳学习用品的好习惯。此外,外教专家提到,除现成的讲义与练习册,学生在课堂上还会完成由教师事先根据学生情况而设计的作业纸和活动任务单,这类资源也将被汇集成册。每位学生都将拥有属于自己的学习记录袋,形成体现个性化学习成果的学生作品集,并统一存放,在学期或学年结束后下发。课程顾问对此做法表示强烈赞同,并称这样的作品集,记录了学生的学习过程,见证着学生成长的点滴,对于学生来说价值和意义非凡。

When it came to the use of handbooks and workbooks, Ms. Marcella agreed on the unified management and distribution of the teaching resources, which our foreign teachers are composing. She said that as children are in transition from kindergarten to being first grade primary school students; with the number of courses increasing and the transition from the kindergarten classroom to primary school classes, they would forget to bring their books or bring the wrong books, which will affect the teaching plan and hinder the progressive learning of the students. Keeping materials in school and distributing them when in need could help prevent that problem. Moreover, doing this could help students to develop their own organization. In addition, foreign teachers mentioned that besides the handbooks and workbooks, students will also complete the worksheets based on their ability. Their worksheets will also be compiled into an individualized scrapbook and portfolio for each student. We will give them back to the parents at the end of the semester or at the end of the school year. The specialist couldn’t agree more on this approach and argued that “Such a collection of students’ work will show the students’ learning process and their growth throughout the year. It is of great value and significance.”


Secondly, for a better understanding of students’ recognition and English levels to better tailor the program to them, the curriculum specialist has observed the foreign teachers’ classes and made some suggestions and strategies. For instance, she suggested implementing a rewarding system to encourage students to learn while arousing their interest in learning. Meanwhile, she has also emphasized the importance of stratified teaching and post-class individualized assessment and cultivation strategies.



In the meantime, for teachers’ reference, the expert gave a lot of advice about expanding teaching content, teaching methods and using auxiliary materials. She also suggested a weekly feedback session for sharing thoughts and opinions to ensure the teaching methods and content is the same throughout the program. This can ensure that children can improve their English and other skills.


During the discussion, Ms. Marcella provided a lot of insightful suggestions and our foreign teachers voiced their ideas with a clear goal of boosting students’ comprehensive competitiveness so that they can thrive on the world stage through our perseverance and self-motivation.

(供稿: 小学高端英语教育项目组  编辑:王天慈)

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