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“High 谈多彩万圣节,走进西方传统文化”——初中高端英语项目开展英语角活动

[发表时间]:2019-10-25 [来源]:

10月24日中午,初中高端英语项目“High 谈多彩万圣节,贴近英美文化”英语角活动在宽敞、明亮的国际展厅举行。本次“英语角”活动由外籍教师 Mr. Sean策划并主持。初中高端英语项目外籍教师Miss Emily、Mr. Amar、Mr. Adam、Mr. Harris以及初一、初二、初三全高端英语项目共计70余名学生参加了本次活动。

活动伊始,外籍教师们分别装扮成“罗马士兵”“红衣女巫”“海盗船长们”。看到外教们的装扮,学生们顿时兴奋起来。Mr. Sean接着向同学们介绍了万圣节的由来及习俗还说明了本次英语角活动的目的和意义,鼓励学生积极表现自己,抓住每个练习口语的机会。


在热身活动中,Mr. Sean给大家指定了不同的经典万圣节角色,每个人需要把角色条贴在自己的脑门上不允许偷看,再通过用英语询问的方式弄清楚自己到底是什么角色。在活动过程中中外籍教师们频繁和同学们互动,帮助大家迅速地融入英语交流环境中。


接着Mr. Sean让同学们自由结成6人的小组,进行了三轮有奖竞猜环节。三轮答题环节中同学们快速组队,首先对Mr. Sean提出的万圣节的起源的时间、地点、习俗、文化等10个问题认真进行讨论;第二轮和第三轮中同学们就典型的万圣节角色进行名称拼写和重新排序。活动中,同学们争先恐后地回答问题,希望得到“战利品”。


夜夜橾天天橾在线视频最后的分小组编写恐怖故事环节将整个英语角活动推向了高潮。 每组根据Mr. Sean的提示语编写富有创意的英文恐怖故事, 在准备过程中,教师们也融入了学生们的小组讨论中,帮助他们扩宽思路、辅导学生用英语进行表达,鼓励不同层次的学生进行相应的语言表达,与同学们共同创作。活动末尾,四位学生代表进行精彩展示,他们用幽默的语气和充满创意的方式表演他们的搞笑恐怖故事,引来了同学们的阵阵欢呼和掌声。






@ Class 1 Grade 7, 王愉悦Mary :As a Grade 7 student, I’m so lucky today to join the English corner today. The topic is about Halloween, which is amazing. I was totally amazed when I see my English teacher dressed as a Rome soldier, the other foreign dressed as witch or pirate. That was fun. We played games like “guess who I am” and we have quiz about Halloween knowledge. The winning team got a big bowl of chocolate .I really envy that. Also, we wrote scary stories about Halloween, some students from Grade 8 or Grade 9 did a very good job. They have great writing skill. I should learn from them. Anyway, great activity!

@ Class 1, Grade 7, 李昕宇Jason :I’m so excited to join the English corner hosted by Sean today. At the lecture, I learned the history and tradition of Halloween. I like the scary stories written by the students. They are so scary and funny. Our teacher’s costumes are impressive. I think it is a good way for us to understand western culture. Hope there will be more activities like this.

@ Class 1, Grade 7 李培生Percy :I never thought the topic of today’s English corner is about Halloween. I thought Halloween is still far away. So that’s why I like the quiz part the most. I learned so much about Halloween. It has a history of more than 400 years, wow! Also, I learned some scary features about Halloween like monster, witch, zombie, mommy, so on and so forth. Our team did a wonderful job in the quiz part and got lots of candies for that, yeah!

@ Class 10, Grade 9 朱芳菲 Sophia :I am very happy to join the English Corner activities today, and I think it's a good place for my classmates and me to practice oral English.The topic of today's English Corner was HALLOWEEN. All the teachers dressed in costumes, and Halloween decorations were set up around the classroom. Today we have got three games.The first game is GUESS WHO. The teacher gave each one a paper strip with a name of a character. We needed to guess our own characters through other classmate’s descriptions. At the same time, we needed to help others to work out, too. I quickly guessed who I was, and helped two students to get their character as well. Then we had the HALLOWEEN QUIZ. We not only enjoyed fun questions, but also learned about Halloween with the help our teachers and classmates. The last game is STORIES, which is my favorite part. I was so excited to cooperate  with new friends in English, and we really made up a wonderful story. I was impressed by today’s English Corner. I think took away a lot from today’s activities. Thanks to our dear teachers for giving us such precious opportunity.

@ Class 10,Grade 9 苗乐琪 Hogan:Today we enjoyed a Halloween themed English corner. When we stepped in the classroom, we felt the whole classroom was filled with Halloween atmosphere——teachers wearing Halloween customs and delicate decorations like ghosts, pumpkins hanging on the ceiling. At the beginning, we had a little warm-up aimed to guess one’s own identity by asking buddies questions. Then we were divided into several groups, and each group had their own paper to answer quiz about Halloween like its history, traditions, and useful word expressions. At last, each group created a scary story and shared various plots with funny and surprising endings. We all certainly had fun during today’s English corner, and what's more important, we are making progress on our English skills.

@ Class 10, Grade 9 程子熙 Andy :Today, we took part in an English corner and we enjoyed three games about Halloween. Finding identity is our first game. We held word cards on our forehead without looking at it and walked around the room to asked students questions. After exchange, I finally guessed who I was---a dragon!Next, we had a quiz on Halloween. Everyone made contributions to their groups and enriched their extra-curricular knowledge. During the discussion, I really appreciated our teacher’s instructions and I also met some new friends here.  Then we had a brainstorm, everyone expressed their own ideas, and each group made up a fantastic ghost story. I think today’s activity is very meaningful. It gave us a chance to learn about Halloween, it’s a good place to learn English, and I really look forward to next English Corner activity

供稿:初中高端英语项目组  编辑:王天慈)

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